Tuesday, August 09, 2005

RZIM : Reflection

Last week RZIM organized a Apologetics Conference for youth. Many young delegates from pastors, students, Bible students and professional from different countries took their time off came to this conference.

I would like to thank God for this golden chance where I am exposed and introduced to the importance to presenting the Gospel of Christ and also to defend the gospel. I did prayed to ask God to show me why is it necessary to be indepth in intellectual and philosophical in presenting case for Christianity.

Yet our Enemy attacks us in every side. As an IT professional I do understand every single PC that has Microsoft OS installed sure have its patches here and there. Updates and Service Packs have to be applied every now and then.

Again in relating to this world where we are living in pluralistic society and post modernism, christian cant just slack behind. The wisdom of this world is worth to examine. Arthur F. Holmes who wrote Contours of a Worldviews said that the need for a worldview is fourfold: "the need to unify thought and life; the need to define the good life and find hope and meaning in life; the need to guide thought; the need to guide action." Interestingly worldviews are so much a part of our lives that we see and hear them daily, whether we recognize them or not. May the Lord help me to know and study more in depth as to deal in increasingly diversed culture.

Ravi reminded us as how to relate to others in presenting the gospel. He shared on points of reference, point of relevance and point of disturbance. He shared of how to work out in a framework in refering to a conversation and how morality comes in. This is as to make the gospel in tune with the other party mind. As such knowledge of worldviews can helps to establish a framework to relating to certain issue of life. I begin to see that all of us have to engaged to Christian thoughts with the worldview either knowingly or unknowingly. On the last day of conference, he attributed that each Christian who wants to defend their faith must be humble, spiritual and faithful.

The wonders of this conference is not one thing but a beginning and series of follow up will be given. RZIM and his teams are committed to build up young apologists for future and present age. I am glad that Agora, one of CDPC ministries take up God's commandement in engagging the worldview.

My hope to see that there will be apologetics in Bahasa Melayu, Malaysia national language which can reach out to our cousins, pribumi (orang asli) and whoever appreciate Bahasa Melayu. As for now I will commit myself in the work for orang asli and the poor people whilst learning the worldview to prepare myself in future.

I would like to thank RZIM and his teams for their much effort done in educating us of the worldview, religions and issues of life etc to bridge us into something more. May God continue to bless this ministry and more new and dynamic apologists joining this wonderful team.

Terima kasih RZIM

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jacksons said...

Daud - good lar your article. Please post it on the Agora also.