Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Visiting the left behind community

The recent visit to perkampungan orang asli has built a good fellowship and relationship between us the city folks and orang asli. 9 of us from CDPC went there to further enhance our relationship by rendering our small service to this people. Thanks and appreciation to Kok Wai and Su Mei who have provided us and drive us there using their own 4WDs. Thanks Kok Wai! Thanks Su Mei!

Love for all in regardless to ethnics and languages. There were so many things we can serve them in developing this community. Our humble Lord Jesus who once washed his disciples feet has echoed into our life in rendering our service to this community. Though we are from educated background and from civilized community, we are no more or no less different with these people. Yet the Word has spoken into my heart to look see - look see our neighbours.

The construction of fish ponds for orang asli community is a joint effort from various churches e.g. CDPC help the orang asli to feed on protein. We also helpout in the home rental for workers. This is the mark of true discipleship of Christ - caring for one another. Yet I can see that it is not the financial that matters as whole though it does in part. There are more into this. I was thinking of giving and provide them skills of 3M (Membaca, menulis dan mengira).

To match them into our development society may be far for now. But I believe now is the good time for us to build them their basic necessary skills e.g. Membaca, Mengira, Menulis (Reading, Counting and Writing) before they can go on into further education. This basic skills may helped them in their daily life especially when interacting with people in the city..

As we interact with them on that day, they were so happy especially children. We helped to wash their hair and give them a hair cut. Pastor Wong was so efficient in cutting hair. When he wants to cut my hair, I refused caused I scared...but after I saw his skill... I have confident in him. I can see there lots of things we can helped them...like educating them in basic health care, teaching them the basic farming and rearing lives stock plus carpentary. This is teached in our national education which is called Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu for Form 5 . Why I say this is that with this skills they can make an daily earning for themselves and who knows they might be employed by factories and with salary they have, they can improve their living standard.

Back to the trip... those kids enjoyed themselves having their hairs being washed with shampoo. Many were shy but we reached out to them. Later we gathered all children and their mothers to be entertained with the puppet shows. Alyster and I played the puppet show. Script was drafted by Wai Fong. I have to admit that we did not well prepared for the show. We did it last minute. But thanks be to our God for His grace who look through our presentation that day. With this puppet, I hope that children will find us easy to talk to. It is our job to build friendship with children. We prayed that the little and simple message, for this time Noah's Ark will mark into their heart that Tuhan Yesus yang menyelamatkan mereka. Though they are not educated and do not know the written Bible, at least in their heart is written the word Yesus whom they can pray and refer to at all times. I was humbled when they eager to ask to be prayed for whether for their health, life, children etc. Every item whether it is small matter or big matter they bring it before God. Their simple faith, would seek Jesus in any situation.

Walking up the hill to another kampung was indeed a good exercise. I admire those who can walk up the hill every day. Well me being fat and big size, makes me tired. I must do something lah but until now never do something to reduce my size. Pendeta Sim was like a Moses as he hold his staff and lead us but too bad lah he cant depart a small river. I have to wet my shoes as I walked across. He sang hymns as he walked up. I could only sing in my heart as I was nearly breathless.

Brother Christopher shared with me that they can walk with their feet to a kampung for 2 and half hours. When asked how can he do it. It is by faith that drives them to walk for 2 and half hours. it is by love for their neighbours, they walked. This reminded me of a song in Handel Messiah's album which says "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the gospel of peace".

We joined their service in singspiration. I am so thankful to be in the midst with other races. In the book of Revelation, there are will be people from every tribe, nation, language from different background sing praises to the Lamb. We presented our puppet show again and Pendeta Sim shared a good sermon. We sang a Malay hymn... "Hanya dengan darah Yesus". These people are eagered to be prayed. Like no one else they can turn to but by prayers and in the Lord they are clinging their hope on. I prayed that the Lord will use these people and the whole kampung mightily for His glory. Later as usual we have dinner together.

Looking through their lifes, more works need to be done like caring and enhacing their way of living e.g. healthcare, education and spiritual needs. With these efforts must be put that one day this community able to cope with the development of the society without endangering their cultures.


jacksons said...

That's a lovely picture. Your camera is quite good ah!

Hawariyun said...

hehehe... a simple, old camera lor.