Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Birthday Samuel Seo

Samuel Seo celebrating his first birthday.

This is my nephew who by His grace was born on 29 April 2004. Watching him growing through the past one year is the most exciting one more over for his parent. Well I have not been a parent but thanks be to God, that I am an uncle to my nephew.

I took most of his photos whenever i see him and some little cute action he did. Perhaps one day I can show those photos to him.

May the Lord continue to care for him and that God's grace be revealed to him in a special way that he can know.

This is my beloved nephew... in whom I take joy in him. Happy Birthday Samuel. God bless you

Some of his photos :

Picture taken when he was 2 days old

Still with his drypers. Learning to look at his uncle

Am i cute?

He is crawling and learning to stand

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jacksons said...

That is one cute boy. Hey check out my chubby nephew on my blog.