Thursday, May 05, 2005

How good to hold a new born baby

Seng Chee and Sue were blessed again with the arrival of their new born daughter

Praise the Lord for blessing Seng Chee and Sue a new born daughter. They had a son who is 2 years old. Both of them were born in the same hospital, Hospital Putrajaya.

Again both their children were born in a quiet intresting was as Seng Chee shared with me. His son was on 30th March 03 Bed 3 whilst his daughter was born on 05th May 05 Bed 5. i guess you know what i mean here and Seng Chee is asking me what does it means.

As i see the child laying helplessly and need to be nurse by mother, life is yet so valuable in God's sight. Each individual must know God's love in Jesus Christ and they have their opportunity moreover the child is born in a Christian family. Jesus who was once born as a baby and was nurse by His mother became the Saviour for mankind. And in Christ becomes the hope to all mankind. How good to hold a new born baby because of Christ given hope to us.

And to Seng Chee and Sue, Congratulation and may the Lord bless you and your children

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