Sunday, May 15, 2005

Visitation to Bandar Melaka

Our journey continues. This time we are visiting the famous building Stadthuys. This building was built by the Dutch. This place is the residence for the Gabenor Dutch until 1824. This building was an administrative building. It was built in 4 stories on a terrace of St Paul's Hill.

And in the middle of this building there is a Anglican Church, called Christ Church Melaka.
It was Sunday that time. We went in to the church. It was so traditional like. I manage to share with my friend about Christ sacrifice based on the Last Supper picture that was on the main sanctuary. We are not allow to take any photo inside.

We also went to a ruin old Protuguese church, St Paul. In there you can see a lot old tombstones which were the final resting place for Dutch and Protuguese nationals.

The statue above is to commemorate St Francis Xavier who was a regular visitor to this church between 1545 to 1552. When he died, his body was interred here for nine months before it was exhume and was taken to its final resting place in Goa, India.

As we are walking through this place, my friend told me that it was a good thing that Malaya was colonised before. I agree with him and reasoned out that it is from them we have proper education and standard of living at that time was improved. We shared a lot and told him that is how Christianity was first being heard spread. Missionary came and set up schools to educate Malays and gave them proper formal education. In spite of that they didn't force them to convert to Christianity. Moreover our constitution is based on British system, a systematic law system (Boh Tea's comment). Indeed God has moved Malaya in such that His word is spread and the improvement and establishment of education and law.

On the other side I also agree that these people might have exploited our richness and brought back to their own country.

Finally we both appreciated what had happened in the past that was indeed beneficial to our age today.

Nearby you can see Dutch cemetery. There tombstone became their final resting place. Some of them has biblical scripture engraved in it.

Below is the super zoom of engravement

As we walked down the hill, we can see A Famosa. It was also called as Porta De Santiago which was a Protuguese fort. Built by Alfonso d' Albuquerque in year 1511. This fort was destroyed by William Farquhar in year 1807. Thus the below photo is the remain of A Famosa.

We had our great day visiting Melaka. Tired are we, and we continued our journey to Johor where our work begins.

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