Sunday, January 30, 2005

I Remember Rev Stephen Tay

On Thursday, 17th April 2003, Rev Stephen Tay was called to be with Jesus. A pastor who worked hard for the Lord was ushered into the presence of the King of kings and Lord of lords. He has now entered to the everlasting joy and rest with his Lord whom he served and loved.

I knew him when I was studying in Melbourne back in 1997. He, his wife Aunty Ai Ling together with his daughter and his son-in-law Dr Sam Lim was so kind to me while my stay in Melbourne. I was so blessed in knowing them.

For Rev Tay, who loves the old folks, used to go this old folks house and share the love of God to them. He spent some time with them and minister to them. He also minister to students and taught them the word of God since he was a chaplain of Monash University. Many biblical lessons can be learnt from him. He is so in depth with the word of God and loves to teach His word to his congregations not only on Sundays but also on every Wednesday night.

At that time he taught me to love and obey God. Disobedience always incurr God's wrath on us. Like how Moses advise Joshua that he should obey the Lord, he practised this with his congregation and students. He expound the scripture on the book of Daniel as he felt this the characteristics of Daniel should be follow by students. He, i would say a Reformed Calvinist. He admires to write without fail every week for his church bulletin.

A man of prayer who prays unceasingly for his church and his families. He learned to give because He has experienced the love of God and He is reflecting His love. He care for his sheep and pray for them. He can preached 3 different sermons. How can he did it? I believed the Lord has spoken to him many times and he has lots to share them.

Many things I have learnt from him. A man who even preach the word of God during his last moments on this earth. From one of his favorite hymns, "To the work we are servants of God...let us hope, let us pray and labor till the Master comes". This hymn has inspire him to work even to his death.

He will be always remembered as a good father, good pastor, good friend and good mentor.

He always mentioned to his pulpit...if we don't meet here again on this earth we shall meet again in the New Jerusalem. Indeed we will!

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jacksons said...

Oh, he is the one, the real Tok Guru!