Thursday, January 13, 2005

My Bible And I

The Bible is the greatest traveller in the world. It goes to every part of country in this the kampung-kampung (ulu area). It has been a good friend to everyone, from king, emperors to beggars. Like a Malay proverbs says "Di mana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung". Not only that the power in the Bible changes lifes. I can say Bible and I will travell together. So treat your Bible with care and of course read it!

We've travelled together, my Bible and I
Through all kinds of weather, with smile or with sigh,
In sorrow or sunshine, in tempest or calm
Thy friendship unchanging, my lamp and my psalm.

We've travelled together, my Bible and I
When life had grown weary, and dath even was nigh,
But all through the darkness of mist or of wrong
I found there a solace, a prayer and a song

So now who shall part us - my Bible and I
Shall 'ism' or 'schisms' or 'new lights' who try?
Shall shadow for substance or stone for good bread,
Supplant Thy sound wisdom, give fully instead?

Ah! no, my dear Bible exponent of light!
Thou sword of the Spirit put error to flight!
And still through life's journey until my last sigh,
We'll travel together, my Bible and I.


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