Monday, January 24, 2005

Yesus pokok dan kita cabangNya

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Jesus is the tree and we are His branches. If we remain in Him, surely we shall bear His fruits. We are commanded in John 15:10 that we must love one another as He has loves us.

God's love is for everyone including to our neighbour, orang asli. This message was presented to the orang asli. Contribution that CDPC provide for the development of this community is inresponse to God's call and of His love for us and these people too. Though they are living some remote place, though how uneducate they are these people are loved by God and they can response to God's love by accepting Christ when we shower our blessing to these people.

Jan 22, 2004 was CDPC second trip as a 18 people visiting these people. We have brought some rice and food for these people. I am happy to see these orang asli and also children who are living a simple live, without tension. They are living in a close community and one family.

Su Mei, Aunt Florence, Terrence, and few of us presented puppet show to kids to show them the creation of the world in Bahasa Malaysia. Suprisingly the adults are the one whom enjoyed themselves the most. I believe the children do enjoy though they might not know what really going on. We hope this simple message, God will work in them for greater purpose, maybe not today but in days to come. The way these people singging though a simple song, to God it is a melody. God is most glorified at that moment.

We also have a durian feast. The people there treated us with lots of durian. We enjoyed ourselves. Later we headed for wild boar meat and wan tan noodles.

Though journey is rough, it is a good adventure as we go in to the forest.

We also visited fishing pond. There are some small fishes swimming happily which later will be food to these people. This is a blessing to these people as it can meat and proteins for this people.

A school has been built recently. During our 1st journey there isn't any school yet. They built it to educate especially children so that they can read and write. We are thankful that they manage to get an indian girl to teach these children to read and write. We committed to provide materials e.g. books, stationery for this cause.

Not to forget that we went up the hill.... It's tiring plus walking through forest in dark. Anyway we manage to walk up though some kena leaches on their foot. We worshipped together with them. Some of use kena leeches. We were so happy worshipping with them. I too shared with them in BM.

We thanked God for safe journey to and fro and also for a good weather. Praise God too for fellowship we can have together. God has purposed this mission in us so that we can help them especially in education and fish pond. We are reflecting and shower them with blessings. I believe God can use us in other areas too in this mission. Now God has opened our eyes to see these people and their needs and lets us ask God how can we help this people. For now we will pray that God's will to be done in the life of these people especially education for children, safety, spiritual life etc.

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