Monday, February 21, 2005


A new film by Yasmin Ahmad, "SEPET" will be viewed in the major cinema this coming 24th February 2005. This is our local romantic comedy film which must be see by all. This movie was told in Malaysian style, so you can expect lots of Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, English and even Hokkien except for Tamil. Hopefully in future there will be mix languages including Tamil or Hindustan.

Surprising one of the main song in this movie was sung by Sam Hui (a popular Hong Kong star). This movie despict a love between a chinese boy and a malay girl. 19-year-old Ah Loong (Ng Choo Seong), a pirated VCD seller who happen to meet a malay schoolgirl (Sharifah Amani) who was buying Hong Kong films. Well of course they fall in love at first sight.

Following on.... aiyooo you watch yourself lar. Bring along your friends be it Malay, Chinese, Indian or even Mat Salleh watching together. This movie is to promote racial harmony among Malaysians.

Sebuah filem yang mesti ditonton oleh semua....

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